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North American Door Corp. has been providing its distributors and the construction industry its world class line of quality hollow metal products since the early 1990's. Although a fairly young company Nadcor has become an important player in the hollow metal door and frame industry.

Quality prompt delivery reliability professional service and total customer satisfaction are the most important elements of our business. Our commitment is to see that all our customers are served with the highest possible quality products and service in the world.


Nadcor has no boundaries in exporting its fine line of quality products. Our goal is to see our doors and frames sold worldwide.


Our incomparable quality hollow metal doors and frames begin with using incomparable quality materials. Nadcor's hollow metal doors and frames are manufactured using superior quality Galvannealed Steel.

Galvannealed Steel provides the durability demanded of hollow metal doors and frames used in any architectural application. It provides full protection against rust. Unlike Cold Rolled Steel Galvannealed Steel requires no primer prior to applying finish paint.

The advantage of using Galvannealed Steel is that it provides protection against rust on both the inside and outside steel surfaces of the hollow metal doors and frames. Primer painted Cold Rolled Steel offers this protection only on the finish surfaces hence inside surfaces are left unprotected. Furthermore eliminating the need of a primer coat prior to painting saves on labor and material cost.


Nadcor holds a vast quantity of inventory of standard stock hollow metal doors and frames sizes that are ready to ship with a minimal notice. Our quality product line ranges from standard hollow metal doors and frames to special custom architectural and engineering applications.

State of the art computerized equipment permits us to meet the growing demand for standard and custom design work from architectural engineering and construction firms anywhere in the world. Nadcor's modern facilities allow for quick and efficient response to last minute changes in sizes and specifications easy adaptation to changes in production scheduling fast moving production flow and the ability to customize products with speed and efficiency.


Nadcor's qualified personnel and engineering department are highly competent people with more than 125 years of combined experience in the hollow metal door and frame industry. We employ highly trained staff in our sales technical and engineering departments dedicated to providing technical assistance to all our clients.

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